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We believe everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look

Meet the talent

Nancy Hope

Nancy is founder of Bloom Brows and delivering a specialised and diverse techniques to address her client’s concern with their Lash & Eyebrows in Canberra.

She is a qualified practitioner with an extensive experience in Art and Design. Her passion for design strives by making everyone’s experience unique and memorable. Before venturing into the Permanent Makeup industry, she used to be a Graphic Designer / Digital Marketing  specialist.

Nancy enjoys listening patiently to her clients as some may carry frustration of their brows concerns. She provides careful consultation and transparent advice to meet her client’s need.  

Nancy first mastered the art of eyebrow threading/shaping aged 14. Her desire to learn more in sculpting eyebrows introduced her to Permanent Make Up (PMU) techniques (cosmetic tattoos). Although Nancy is specialising in Brows, she is well skilled and qualified in delivering other treatments for Lashes & Nails. In other words, she can deliver a full package for an attractive EYES and BROWS look.

Nancy tirelessly practiced to master the technique and perfect her skills and today continues to develop her knowledge and expertise with ongoing continued learning to keep up with safety standards, pioneering techniques. Nancy has put absolutely everything into building a professional, specialised and trustworthy reputation and strives to deliver high end treatments with remarkable results.

Currently, Nancy is working at her own home-based salon and she has been created a peaceful space, so her clients can relax and be excited to see their new transformation in the mirror at the end of their treatments. Nancy is inspired by beauty of blossoms during spring. She sees beauty in nature as a way to learn from the old and transform to something new, fresh and new beginning.

According to Nancy, behind every great beauty is a great brows.

Nancy Hope


Bloom Brows founder/ Artist

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